Three Pizzas One with Fruits: A Fruitiful Twist on Pizza

Pizza is the ultimate comfort food, but have you ever tried a fruity twist on your favorite slice? In this blog post, we’re going to explore three pizza recipes, each with its own unique take on incorporating fruit into your pie. From the savory Fruity Pig Pizza to the refreshing Green Dream Pizza, we’ve got you covered. But don’t worry, if you’re not a fruit fan, we also have a pizza with veggies and sauce! So saddle up, buckaroo, and let’s dive into the sweet and savory world of fruit pizza.

Three Incredibly Delicious Pizzas That Include Fruits

Are you tired of the same old pepperoni and cheese pizza? Want to try something new, exciting, and healthy? Well, look no further than these fantastic fruit pizzas that will blow your mind.

The Pineapple and Ham Pizza

Whoever said that pineapples don’t belong on pizza has no idea what they are missing out on. This fantastic combination of sweet and salty might have its roots in Hawaiian cuisine, but it’s quickly becoming a classic all around the world.

For this pizza, you’ll need a pizza crust, pizza sauce, ham, pineapple, and cheese. Start by adding the sauce to the crust and spreading it out evenly. Next, add a layer of cheese and then top it with ham. Finally, add the pineapples and finish it off with more cheese. Bake until the crust is golden brown, and you have the perfect Hawaiian pizza.

The Fig and Prosciutto Pizza

If you’re looking for something a little more elegant, consider trying the fig and prosciutto pizza. This pizza is perfect for a fancy dinner party or a night in with your significant other.

To create this pizza, you’re going to need a pizza crust, fig jam, prosciutto, mozzarella, and arugula. Start by spreading the fig jam over the pizza crust instead of the traditional pizza sauce. Next, add a layer of mozzarella cheese, followed by prosciutto. Bake in the oven until the crust is golden brown and the cheese has melted. Once it’s finished, top it off with fresh arugula to add a little bit of spiciness and freshness to the mix.

The Strawberry and Balsamic Pizza

Finally, for a unique sweet and tangy twist, try the strawberry and balsamic pizza. This pizza is perfect for a light lunch or a quick snack.

To create this pizza, you’ll need a pizza crust, pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, fresh strawberries, and balsamic glaze. Start by spreading the pizza sauce over the crust and adding a layer of cheese. Next, top it with fresh strawberries and drizzle with balsamic glaze. Bake until the cheese is bubbly and the crust is golden brown.

In conclusion, these three fruit pizzas are a fantastic way to mix things up in the kitchen and try something new. These combinations of sweet and savory, salty and tangy, will leave you wanting more and more every time.

Fruity Pig Pizza

If you’re looking for a pizza that combines the sweetness of fruits and the savoriness of meats, then you might want to try the Fruity Pig Pizza. This pizza is a unique and unconventional blend of flavors that will surely tickle your taste buds.

What Is Fruity Pig Pizza?

Fruity Pig Pizza is a pizza that’s loaded with different types of fruits and meats. The most common variant of this pizza has pineapple, ham, bacon, and mozzarella cheese, but you can also add other types of fruits and meats depending on your taste preference.

The Origin of Fruity Pig Pizza

Fruity Pig Pizza’s origins are unclear, but it’s believed to have been created in the United States. Some say that it was invented in Hawaii, while others claim that it originated in California. What’s clear, however, is that it has gained popularity among pizza lovers in different parts of the world.

The Taste of Fruity Pig Pizza

The taste of Fruity Pig Pizza is a combination of sweet and salty. The sweetness of the fruits, particularly the pineapple, complements the saltiness of the ham and bacon. The mozzarella cheese adds a creamy and slightly tangy flavor to the pizza.

Why You Should Try Fruity Pig Pizza

If you’re tired of eating the same old pizza toppings, then Fruity Pig Pizza is worth a try. It offers a unique blend of flavors that’s refreshing and satisfying at the same time. Plus, it’s a healthier option compared to traditional pizza toppings, as fruits provide essential vitamins and minerals that our body needs.

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to explore different pizza flavors, then Fruity Pig Pizza is a must-try. Its combination of sweet and savory flavors, along with its unique blend of fruits and meats, makes it a pizza experience that you won’t forget.

Green Dream Pizza

Are you looking for a way to sneak some veggies into your diet without sacrificing taste? Look no further than the Green Dream Pizza! This unique pizza takes the traditional red sauce and mozzarella combo and gives it a healthy twist with a spinach and kale pesto base.

Health Benefits

Aside from the obvious health benefits of incorporating more greens into your diet, the Green Dream Pizza is also lower in calories and fat than traditional pizzas. Plus, the garlic in the pesto has antibacterial properties that can help boost your immune system.


But let’s be real, the most important factor in any pizza is how it tastes. And the Green Dream Pizza does not disappoint. The spinach and kale pesto is actually incredibly flavorful, with a slightly earthy taste and a hint of garlic. And when paired with the salty feta cheese and tangy cherry tomatoes, it creates a perfect balance of flavors.

Where to Find It

The Green Dream Pizza can be found in health-conscious pizzerias or made at home using a pre-made or homemade spinach and kale pesto. And don’t worry, you won’t have to sacrifice any of the classic pizza toppings like pepperoni or sausage. Just pile them on top of the pesto base and enjoy a guilt-free slice (or two!).

What’s in a Fruit Pizza?

Fruit pizza is a unique pizza that has a completely different topping from the normal savory pizza. The topping of this pizza is a combination of sweet fruits, which can make even a non-sweet lover crave it. It’s like having dessert as a meal! But what fruits are used in a fruit pizza? Let’s delve into it.

The Base

The base of a fruit pizza is typically a cookie crust, which is made of flour, sugar, butter, and vanilla extract. It’s like the foundation of a building; it needs to be sturdy to hold the weight of the toppings.

The Sauce

Unlike the tomato sauce used in normal pizza, fruit pizza has a sauce made of cream cheese and either powdered sugar or whipped topping. It’s like a blank canvas waiting for the fruits to add color to it.

The Fruits

Now for the main event: the fruits! The topping varies from recipe to recipe, but the most commonly used fruits are kiwi, strawberries, blueberries, grapes, and mandarin oranges. The fruit is arranged in a beautiful pattern that looks like a work of art. It’s like creating a masterpiece, but edible!

The Extras

Some recipes also add extra toppings such as coconut flakes, sliced almonds, or even chocolate chips! It’s like adding a little bit of flair to an already beautiful dessert.

In summary, a fruit pizza has a cookie crust base, a cream cheese sauce, and a colorful array of fruits arranged on top. It’s a delicious dessert that is also visually stunning. So if you’re ever in the mood to combine sweet fruits and pizza, try making a fruit pizza and satisfy your sweet tooth!

Exploring the Wonders of PepperTiti Pizza Order

Are you tired of eating the same old boring pizza toppings? Do you want to tickle your taste buds with a spicy and mouth-watering pizza experience like never before? Look no further than PepperTiti Pizza!

PepperTiti Pizza is the new craze taking the pizza industry by storm, and for good reason. With a unique blend of spicy pepperoni, tangy tomato sauce, and creamy mozzarella cheese, this pizza is nothing short of a masterpiece.

What is PepperTiti Pizza?

PepperTiti Pizza is a spin on the classic pepperoni pizza. It features thinly sliced pepperoni that is spicier than the regular kind, resulting in an explosion of flavors that will make your taste buds dance. The tomato sauce used in the pizza is also a tad bit tangier, adding an extra layer of depth to the pizza. Finally, the mozzarella cheese used in the pizza is so creamy that it practically melts in your mouth.

How to Order a PepperTiti Pizza

Ordering a PepperTiti Pizza is like any other pizza order, except you have to specify that you want PepperTiti Pizza instead of regular pepperoni. Before you call the pizza joint, ensure you have your order ready. This way, you can get your pizza quickly, and the person on the other end of the line won’t hate you.

What to Expect When You Bite into a PepperTiti Pizza

Prepare yourself for an explosion of flavors when you bite into a PepperTiti Pizza. You’ll first experience the spicy kick of the pepperoni, followed by the tangy tomato sauce, and then the creamy mozzarella cheese. It’s a party in your mouth, and you’ll want to join!

PepperTiti Pizza is more than just a pizza, it’s an experience for your taste buds. Try it out, and you’ll be hooked for life. Don’t be surprised if this becomes your new go-to pizza order.

Fruit Pizza for a Crowd

three pizzas one with fruits

If you’re planning to impress your guests and satisfy their sweet tooth, then you should definitely consider making a fruit pizza. Not only is it a refreshing and healthy dessert, but it’s also effortless to make, and you can customize it to suit your tastes. Here’s everything you need to know about making fruit pizza for a crowd:

Choose the Right Crust

A great fruit pizza starts with a fantastic crust. You can go for a classic sugar cookie crust, a graham cracker crust, or even a brownie crust. Consider the time and effort you have, and choose the one that fits best with your time frame.

Pick Your Fruits

When it comes to fruit pizzas, the possibilities are endless. Choose your favorite fruits or whatever is in season. You can use berries, kiwis, mangoes, pineapples, and even starfruit. Try to create a visual palette with diverse colors and shapes, so it will look as good as it tastes.

Consider the Toppings

To make your fruit pizza even more decadent, consider adding toppings such as whipped cream, yogurt, or glaze. These toppings will give an extra spark to your dessert.

Serve and Store

Fruit pizza should be served chilled as a refreshing dessert. As it sits for an extended period of time, the crust gets soggy, so it’s advisable to store it in the refrigerator for not more than 24 hours. Be sure to wrap it tightly with plastic wrap or put it in an airtight container to preserve its freshness.

Fruit pizza for a crowd is the perfect dessert for any occasion. It can feed many people in one go and can be easily customized based on preference. With these tips, your guests are sure to be impressed by your creativity and the delicious taste of your fruit pizza.

Saddle Up, Buckaroo Pizza

If you’re feeling like a cowboy, then it’s time to saddle up and try this unique pizza. This pizza is a true frontier adventure and perfect for a family gathering or a movie night. The Saddle Up, Buckaroo Pizza is made up of a combination of mouth-watering flavors that will tantalize your taste buds.

A Unique Pizza Experience

The Saddle Up, Buckaroo Pizza is inspired by the Wild West. This pizza has a combination of chicken, bacon, green peppers, onions, and BBQ sauce. You’ll notice the smoky flavor from the BBQ sauce and the juicy chicken that might remind you of a campfire on a cold night. The onions add a burst of flavor that will excite your taste buds, and the green peppers provide a refreshing crunch that adds a bit of texture to this pizza.

The Perfect Blend of Ingredients

When you order the Saddle Up, Buckaroo Pizza, you’ll discover that the flavors of the ingredients complement each other perfectly. The creamy texture of the cheese blends with the juicy chicken and crispy bacon to create a flavor explosion. The BBQ sauce is smoky and delicious, and it really brings out the best in the chicken and bacon. All these ingredients combine to create a pizza unlike any other.

How to Order

You can order the Saddle Up, Buckaroo Pizza at any pizza place worth their salt. Some of the pizzerias have their own version of the pizza, but they all share one thing in common: they’ll satisfy your taste buds and give you a unique pizza experience.

If you’re in the mood for a unique pizza with a Western twist, then the Saddle Up, Buckaroo Pizza is the right choice for you. You’ll love the combination of flavors, and it’s a great way to add a little excitement to your next pizza night. So why not order in tonight and have a wild west adventure with your family and friends!

Good Pizza, Great Pizza: Vegetables

Now, we all know that pizza may not be the healthiest food out there. But who said that you can’t make it a bit healthier and, at the same time, more delicious? That’s right; we’re talking about adding veggies to your pizza!

Veggies: Not just for salads anymore!

When we think of veggies, the first thing that comes to mind is usually salad. However, vegetables can do so much more! When added to pizza, they can make it more colorful, more flavorful, and even more filling. So why is it that so many people still shy away from putting veggies on their pizzas? Well, we’re here to change that!

What Veggies to Choose?

Now that we’ve convinced you to try adding veggies to your pizza, let’s talk about which ones to choose. It’s important to pick veggies that won’t make your pizza soggy, and also ones that will pair well with your other toppings. Some great options include bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, olives, and even spinach. Be creative; there’s no such thing as a wrong veggie choice!

How to Prepare your Veggies?

When it comes to preparing your veggies for your pizza, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, pre-cook any veggies that won’t cook through during the baking process, like mushrooms or onions. Second, make sure that the veggie slices aren’t too thick, or they may not cook evenly. Finally, try to distribute them evenly over your pizza to ensure that every slice gets some veggie love!

three pizzas one with fruits

Wrap Up

In conclusion, adding veggies to your pizza is a win-win situation. You get to enjoy a delicious, filling meal while also making it a bit healthier. So, next time you’re ordering a pizza, don’t be afraid to add some veggies to the mix. Who knows, you might just discover your new favorite pizza topping!

A Pizza Like a Deserted Beach

If you’re looking for a pizza that transports you to a tropical paradise, then you’re in luck! Our “Deserted Beach” pizza is the perfect culinary escape.

A Base of Golden Cheese

Our “Deserted Beach” pizza starts with a base of golden, melted mozzarella cheese. The cheese gives the pizza a rich, creamy texture that perfectly complements the other toppings.

A Blanket of White Sauce

Next, we spread a layer of creamy white sauce over the cheese. The sauce is made from a secret blend of herbs and spices that give it a light, tangy flavor.

Topped with Sun-dried Tomatoes and Pineapple

Now it’s time to add the toppings. We start with sun-dried tomatoes, which are bursting with intense flavor. They add a nice, savory contrast to the sweet pineapple.

Dusted with Parmesan Cheese and Oregano

To finish off the pizza, we sprinkle it with a generous amount of Parmesan cheese and oregano. The Parmesan adds a salty, nutty flavor, while the oregano gives it a slightly spicy kick.

The Perfect Pizza for a Beach Vacation

One bite of our “Deserted Beach” pizza, and you’ll feel like you’re lounging on a tropical beach, soaking up the sun. With its combination of tangy white sauce, sweet pineapple, and savory sun-dried tomatoes, this pizza is the perfect choice for anyone looking to escape their mundane routine and indulge in a little vacation-time decadence.

Two Pesto Pizzas: One with All the Meats

If you’re a meat lover, then you’re in luck because we have the perfect pesto pizza for you. This pizza is loaded with all your favorite meats, and it’s simply irresistible. So let’s dive right in and see what makes this pizza so special.

Pesto Pizza with All the Meats

Our delicious pesto pizza is made with a thin crust base, which is then topped with a generous layer of pesto sauce. Then, we add a mix of all your favorite meats, including bacon, pepperoni, sausage, ham, and ground beef.

We top it all off with a generous layer of mozzarella cheese, pop it in the oven, and let the magic happen. The result is a mouthwatering pizza that will have you coming back for more.

Pizza Toppings

Here’s a breakdown of the toppings that make our pesto pizza with all the meats so special:


Crisp bacon bits add a smoky flavor to the pizza, making it taste simply amazing.


Pepperoni adds a spicy kick to the pizza, and it’s a classic topping that everyone enjoys.


Sausage adds a savory taste to the pizza, and it pairs perfectly with pesto sauce.


Ham is a sweet and salty topping that adds a unique flavor to the pizza.

Ground Beef

Ground beef adds a meaty texture to the pizza, and it’s an essential topping for any meat lover.

If you’re craving a pizza that’s loaded with all your favorite meats, then our pesto pizza with all the meats is the perfect choice. It’s a delicious pizza that’s sure to satisfy your cravings and leave you feeling satisfied. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try it out today!

What are the Fruits on Good Pizza Great Pizza?

If you want to turn your pizza game up a notch, why not try adding some fruit toppings to your pie? Fruits on pizza may sound weird at first, but trust us, it can be a game-changer. Here are some of the best fruits to put on your pizza:


Ah, the age-old debate: to pineapple or not to pineapple. If you’re a fan of sweet and salty flavor combinations, then pineapple is a must-try topping on your pizza. The sweetness of the fruit balances out the saltiness of the cheese and savory sauce.


Figs might not be the first fruit that comes to mind when you think of pizza, but they actually pair incredibly well with salty, savory toppings like prosciutto or goat cheese. Plus, they add a touch of sweetness that can take your pizza to the next level.


three pizzas one with fruits

Apples on pizza? You bet. Thinly sliced apples can add a crisp, refreshing crunch to your pie, especially when paired with strong, salty cheeses like gorgonzola or brie.


Like apples, pears can add a delightful crunch to your pizza. They also pair well with creamy cheeses and salty meats, making them a great addition to any pizza.

Cherry Tomatoes

Okay, so cherry tomatoes might not technically be a fruit, but they are still a delicious and refreshing topping to add to your pizza. Their sweetness pairs well with savory ingredients like garlic and basil.

So, there you have it! Some of the best fruits to add to your pizza for a unique and tasty twist. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your favorite fruits and pizza toppings to find the perfect combination for your taste buds.

Is Bell Pepper a Fruit? Good Pizza, Great Pizza?

Stop the presses! The age-old debate of whether bell pepper is a fruit or vegetable is a hot topic in the pizza world. But wait, doesn’t pizza already have tomato sauce, which is, in fact, a fruit? So, is bell pepper a fruit too? Let’s dive into the deliciously juicy world of pizza and find out.

The science behind fruits and vegetables

Before we judge whether bell pepper is a fruit or vegetable, let’s revisit what makes something a fruit or vegetable in the first place. Fruits are the sweet and fleshy part of a plant that typically surrounds the seeds, while vegetables are the edible parts of a plant, like the leaves, roots, and stems.

The verdict

Based on this definition, botanically speaking, bell peppers are fruits. They have seeds and grow from a plant’s flower, and their purpose is to protect and nourish those seeds until they germinate. However, in culinary terms, we often categorize bell peppers as vegetables because of their savory taste and use in savory dishes.

Bell peppers on pizza

So, where does that leave us when it comes to pizza? Well, the good news is that whether you classify bell peppers as fruits or vegetables, they make for a delicious pizza topping. Their crunchy texture and sweet flavor pair well with gooey cheese and tangy tomato sauce.

Next time you’re ordering pizza, don’t be afraid to add some bell pepper. It may be a fruit, but it sure makes for a great pizza topping. Just remember, it’s all a matter of perspective – in the world of pizza, anything goes.

What Does Dracula Want in Good Pizza, Great Pizza?

Have you ever wondered what Dracula’s preferred pizza toppings are? Well, wonder no more! We did some digging and discovered what ol’ Drac likes on his pies.

Garlic Galore

You might assume that Dracula would avoid garlic at all costs, but actually, he loves the stuff. He piles it on his pizza with reckless abandon. It’s a flavor he can’t get enough of.

Blood Red Tomato Sauce

Like many of us, Dracula is a sucker for a classic pizza sauce. But his must-have requirement is that the tomato sauce must be vibrant blood-red. Nothing else will do.

A Touch of Brimstone

Dracula likes his pizza with a spicy kick. His preferred ingredient for heat is a sprinkle of brimstone. The fiery addition adds a little something extra to the pizza that he just can’t resist.

Fruits of the Night

Finally, Dracula likes to incorporate some fruit onto his pizza, as it reminds him of his love of fruit bats. His favorite combo is pineapple and blackberries — a perfect balance of sweet and tart that he can really sink his fangs into.

three pizzas one with fruits

So, there you have it: Dracula’s perfect pizza! While it may not be for everyone, we can see why it’s a hit with the Prince of Darkness himself.

Three Pizzas – One with Fruits, One with Veggies, and Sauce

When it comes to making pizza, we all have our preferences. From the toppings to the sauce, there are endless combinations to try. One of the best ways to experiment with pizza is by combining different flavors. In this subsection, we will explore three pizzas – one with fruits, one with veggies, and sauce.

Pizza with Fruits

If you have a sweet tooth, then you should definitely try a pizza with fruits. The combination of savory crust and sweet fruits may seem strange at first, but trust us, it’s a match made in heaven. Some of the best fruits to use on your pizza are pineapple, peaches, and strawberries. You can also add some bacon or ham to balance out the sweetness.

Pizza with Veggies

For those who prefer a healthier option, a pizza with veggies is the way to go. Not only are veggies packed with nutrients, but they also add a lot of flavor to your pizza. Some of the best veggies to use include bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, and olives. You can also add some cheese and tomato sauce to complete the dish.

Pizza with Sauce

If you’re a sauce lover, then you should definitely try a pizza with sauce. The sauce can be anything from pesto to BBQ sauce, and it can be used as a base for your toppings. Some of the best sauces to use include tomato sauce, alfredo sauce, and ranch dressing. You can also add some chicken or sausage to make it more filling.

In conclusion, these three pizzas – one with fruits, one with veggies, and sauce – are sure to satisfy your taste buds. Whether you’re in the mood for something sweet, healthy, or saucy, there’s a pizza for you. So, the next time you’re feeling adventurous, give one of these pizzas a try. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

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