Macro Friendly Instant Pot Recipes to Help You Prep Your Meals

Are you looking for a way to make meal prepping a smoother and more efficient process? Consider using an Instant Pot! These multi-functional pressure cookers are a great tool for cooking healthy and delicious meals in a fraction of the time. With the right recipes, you can even make meals that are “macro friendly” – that is, meals that fit within your desired macronutrient goals.

macro friendly instant pot recipes

But first, let’s answer some common questions about Instant Pots. Are they good for meal prep? Can you use a large Instant Pot to make small meals? And are there any foods that shouldn’t be cooked in an Instant Pot? In this blog post, we’ll address these questions and share some tasty and nutritious macro-friendly Instant Pot recipes.

Macro-Friendly Instant Pot Recipes: Cooking Healthy Has Never Been Easier!

Do you want to enjoy a healthy lifestyle without compromising on flavor? Do you often find yourself too busy to cook, or too tired to do so when you get home? Then it’s time to bring the Instant Pot into your life!

Here, we’ve rounded up some of the best Macro-Friendly Instant Pot Recipes that are perfect for those who want to keep their diet clean and healthy, without sacrificing taste or convenience!

1. Mouthwatering Chicken Fajita Soup

Fajitas are everyone’s favorite, but you can’t indulge in them every day if you’re watching your weight. This soup packs all the flavors of your favorite fajitas into an easy-to-make, delicious soup. Plus, with the low-calorie ingredients and spicy broth, it’s perfect for those trying to keep their macros in check.

2. Rich and Hearty Beef Stew

Who doesn’t love a warming bowl of beef stew on a cold night? This recipe is especially perfect if you’re trying to increase your protein intake, as it uses lean beef and fiber-rich vegetables. Throw it all in the Instant Pot and let the magic happen – it’s satisfying, healthy, and sure to be a crowd-pleaser!

3. Vegan Mushroom Risotto

Risotto is notoriously time-consuming to make, but the Instant Pot cuts down on cook time significantly. Cooking this vegan version with mushrooms and nutritional yeast makes it chock-full of vitamins and minerals. And the deliciously creamy texture will leave you feeling like you’re indulging in something sinful, when, in fact, it’s totally macro-friendly!

4. Healthy Instant Pot Chili

This recipe takes the classic chili recipe and slims it down without sacrificing the flavor. Using lean turkey and a variety of fresh vegetables, it’s a perfect dish for those trying to stay on track with their macros. Plus, with a variety of spices and herbs, it’s so tasty that you won’t even realize you’re eating something so healthy!

5. Instant Pot Lemon Garlic Shrimp

You don’t have to be a seafood lover to appreciate the simplicity of this recipe. With only five ingredients and ten minutes of cook time in the Instant Pot, it’s an ideal meal for busy weeknights or for a quick lunch. Plus, shrimp is an excellent source of protein, and when combined with fresh herbs and lemon, it makes a zesty and refreshing dish.

Say goodbye to boring, tasteless diet food – with these Macro-Friendly Instant Pot Recipes, you’ll never feel deprived. The Instant Pot makes healthy cooking so much easier, and with these delicious recipes, you’ll be able to indulge in all your favorite flavors, without any guilt. So, what are you waiting for? Go get your Instant Pot and start cooking!

Are Instant Pots Good for Meal Prep?

If you’re struggling to keep up with meal prep during the week, the Instant Pot might just be your new best friend. Not only does it save you time, but it can also help you eat healthier and stick to your macros. Here’s why:

Saves You Time (and Money)

Meal prep can be such a time-consuming task. Between grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning up, it can take up your whole Sunday. But with the Instant Pot, you can cut down your meal prep time significantly. Plus, you only have one pot to clean, which means less time spent doing dishes. And don’t even get us started on how much money you’ll save by cooking at home instead of eating out all the time.

Retains Nutrients and Flavor

The Instant Pot uses pressure cooking to cook your food, and this method retains nutrients and flavor better than other cooking methods. Because the pot is sealed, the heat and moisture are trapped, which means your food is cooked evenly and stays juicy and flavorful.

Super Versatile

One of the best things about the Instant Pot is its versatility. You can cook pretty much anything in it, from soups and stews to meats and grains. And because it’s so easy to use, you can even cook multiple meals at once. Plus, it comes with a ton of different cooking modes, like rice, yogurt, and slow cook, so you can always switch up your meal prep routine.


If you’re following a macro-based diet, the Instant Pot can be a lifesaver. Because it retains nutrients and flavor so well, you can easily cook healthy and delicious meals that fit your macros. Plus, it’s perfect for cooking lean proteins and complex carbs, so you can hit your dietary goals without sacrificing taste.

Overall, the Instant Pot is an excellent tool for anyone looking to improve their meal prep game. It saves you time and money, retains nutrients and flavor, is super versatile, and can help you stick to your macros. So what are you waiting for? Get your Instant Pot today and start prepping like a boss!

Can You Make Small Meals in a Large Instant Pot?

It’s a common misconception that you need a specific Instant Pot size for each meal size. Luckily for you, dear reader, the Instant Pot is a versatile kitchen gadget that can be adjusted to suit your cooking needs. So, can you make small meals in a large Instant Pot? Absolutely, yes!

macro friendly instant pot recipes

Choose the Right Pot Insert

Using a pot insert that fits your small recipe is step one. The insert should be sized appropriately for the amount of food you’re cooking. Using a large pot insert could result in undercooked food, wasting both time and ingredients.

Downsize Your Recipe Proportions

Remember that the Instant Pot cooks food quickly and efficiently. Reducing the portion sizes of your recipe while keeping the cook times similar to the recipe’s original size ensures that you don’t overcook your food.

Use the Saute Function

The Instant Pot’s Saute function is the perfect way to cook small meals. This is especially helpful if you need to brown meats or saute vegetables before cooking.

macro friendly instant pot recipes

Don’t Overheat

Remember that the Instant Pot has a safety function that often means it takes time to get to cooking pressure. The smaller the recipe size, the less time it takes to get that pressure. Overheating your small recipe could lead to burnt food and the dreaded ‘burn’ warning.

macro friendly instant pot recipes

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, you don’t need a specific Instant Pot size for every recipe size. The Instant Pot’s versatility means you can adjust to suit your cooking needs. By using the right pot insert, adjusting recipe proportions, using the Saute function, and not overheating, you can easily make small meals in a large Instant Pot. So go ahead, get creative in the kitchen!

What Not to Cook in an Instant Pot?

The Instant Pot has revolutionized the cooking world, making it easier to prepare delicious meals than ever before. But, as with any cooking method, there are some foods that don’t fare well in the Instant Pot. Here are a few items to avoid putting in your trusty appliance:


While pasta might seem like a logical choice for the Instant Pot, it can lead to a starchy mess. The pressure cooking process can turn noodles into a mushy mass, ruining the texture of the dish. Try cooking pasta on the stove instead for a better result.

Dairy Products

Dairy products like cheese, milk, and cream can curdle under high pressure, leading to an unappealing separation. Avoid adding these ingredients until the end of the cooking process, or use low pressure to prevent curdling.

Fried Foods

The Instant Pot might be great for many things, but it’s not a deep fryer. Fried foods like chicken or fish will not turn out crispy in the appliance, leaving you with a soft, soggy mess. Stick to using your oven or stovetop to get that perfect crunch.

Cakes and Desserts

You might think that using the Instant Pot for desserts would be a great idea, but be wary. The high pressure can lead to cakes and other baked goods turning out dense and heavy. Stick to the oven for a lighter, fluffier result.

Delicate Seafood

Seafood can be tricky to cook in the Instant Pot, as the high pressure can lead to overcooking. Especially delicate seafood like shrimp or lobster should be steamed or grilled instead for the best results.

While the Instant Pot can make cooking a breeze, it’s important to know what foods to avoid putting in your appliance. By following these tips, you can ensure that your meals always turn out perfectly.

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