Derby Dinner Menu: A Delicious Journey

If you’re a fan of dinner theaters and enjoy a good meal alongside your favorite play, then the Derby Dinner Playhouse is a must-visit for you. Located in Clarksville, Indiana, the Derby Dinner Playhouse is a popular spot for those who love to combine great shows with a memorable dining experience.

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the Derby Dinner Menu and what makes it so unique. We’ll also cover the Derby Dinner Buffet Menu, the Derby Dinner Playhouse Schedule 2023, and the dress code for the Derby Dinner Playhouse. So, sit back, relax, and get ready to explore everything that Derby Dinner Menu has to offer!

A Winning Derby Dinner Menu

Hosting a fun-filled Derby party? Don’t forget about the menu! Whether you’re having a small gathering or a grand affair, a delectable Derby dinner menu is a must.

Starters that will have your guests racing for more

Kick off your Derby dinner with appetizers that pack a punch. Serve up a selection of finger foods such as deviled eggs, mini quiches, or sausage balls. Don’t forget to incorporate Southern favorites like hot browns or pimento cheese dip. These starters will whet your guests’ appetites and get them ready for the main event.

Entrees that’ll make your taste buds gallop with joy

The star of the show is, of course, the main course. Think classic Southern fare with a modern twist. Consider serving shrimp and grits, bourbon-glazed ham, or fried chicken. Want to add a bit of elegance to your menu? Try a prime rib roast or herb-crusted lamb chops. Don’t forget to include vegetarian options such as grilled portobello mushrooms or roasted vegetable skewers.

Sides that will have your guests chomping at the bit

No Derby dinner menu is complete without a side dish or two. Consider classic Southern sides like mac and cheese or collard greens. Dress up your veggies with honey glazed carrots or roasted asparagus. And, of course, don’t forget the classic Derby dish – the Kentucky Hot Brown casserole.

Desserts that’ll make your guests want to parade around the table

Finish off your Derby dinner with desserts that are sure to satisfy your guests’ sweet tooth. Serve up Derby pie, bourbon balls, or mint julep cupcakes. If you’re feeling crafty, whip up a batch of Derby-themed sugar cookies or decorate a cake with horse-themed decorations.

Bottom line

A winning Derby dinner menu is all about the perfect balance of Southern classics and modern twists. Keep your guests satisfied with appetizers, entrees, sides, and desserts that are both delicious and entertaining. So, what are you waiting for? Get into the spirit of the Derby, and plan a menu that’ll have your guests racing for seconds!

Derby Dinner Buffet Menu

Are you a foodie? Is your mouth watering for “Derby Dinner Menu”? Then you have to try out our “Derby Dinner Buffet Menu”. You won’t be disappointed, for sure.

Mouth-watering Starters

There’s no better way to start your derby dinner than with a few bites and sips. Our starters menu includes chicken wings, grilled mushrooms, prawn cocktail, and much more. Plus, our mixed drinks will get you warmed up and ready to start the party.

Main-course Dishes

Once you are warmed up, it’s time for the main event. You won’t regret trying our buffet menu, where we offer an array of delicacies you’ll never forget. Our main course includes roasted beef, BBQ pork ribs, fried chicken, and much more. Of course, there will be fresh salads, steamed veggies, and herbed potatoes to pair with your main dish.

Delicious Dessert Variety

It’s said that no meal is complete without a dessert, and we wholeheartedly agree. Our dessert menu includes apple pies, cream cheese cake, chocolate mousse, and fruit bowls. Ready to satisfy your sweet tooth?

Unlimited Drinks Service

Of course, our derby dinner buffet menu comes with an unlimited drinks service. Our bartenders have expertise in making numerous classic and contemporary cocktails, from Bloody Mary to Corona Margarita.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered; just come and have a great evening with your loved ones!

Derby Dinner Playhouse Schedule 2023

Derby Dinner Playhouse is one of the most sought-after places for dinner and entertainment in Kentucky. With renowned shows and brilliant performers, it’s no surprise that people have started to plan out their schedules for the upcoming year. In this subsection, we take a look at the upcoming 2023 schedule for this iconic location.

Spring 2023

The spring lineup for Derby Dinner Playhouse holds some of the most exciting shows, starting with Broadway’s Tony Award-winning “Spring Awakening.” This rock musical adaptation of a controversial German play is sure to be a hit among younger audiences.

Up next is “The Drowsy Chaperone,” a curious show-within-a-show story of a musical-hating person who plays an original 1928 musical record and gets caught up in the story himself. With memorable songs and dance numbers, it’s a lighthearted comedy that’s sure to make you laugh.

Summer 2023

Come summer, Derby Dinner Playhouse is proud to present “Cats.” If you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to see the magical, magical Mr. Mistoffelees, this is it. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s masterpiece returns to the stage after a brief hiatus, and it’s going to be one for the books.

Following “Cats” is “Bright Star,” a bluegrass-inspired musical set in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Based on a true story of a literary editor and aspiring writer, the story is a beautiful expression of hope, love, and redemption.

Fall 2023

For those who prefer a spooky thrill this fall, “Young Frankenstein” is the perfect choice. Adapted from the classic Mel Brooks movie, the show takes you on a madcap adventure with the grandson of the infamous Dr. Frankenstein.

To lighten the mood, “Mamma Mia!” comes up next. The musical sensation that’s been going strong for over 20 years is finally making its way to Derby Dinner Playhouse with a cast of talented performers and catchy ABBA songs.

With a schedule like this, it’s hard not to be excited for what Derby Dinner Playhouse has in store for us in 2023. From rock musicals to lighthearted comedies and even a spooky classic, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. So mark your calendars, grab your tickets, and get ready to indulge in a night of great food and unparalleled entertainment.

What to Wear at Derby Dinner Playhouse?

Are you planning to visit the Derby Dinner Playhouse soon but confused about what to wear? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! While there isn’t a strict dress code for Derby Dinner Playhouse, there are some things to keep in mind to avoid standing out like a sore thumb.

Semi-Formal Attire is Recommended

Although the Derby Dinner Playhouse doesn’t have a specific dress code for its patrons, we recommend dressing semi-formally or business casual. You don’t have to wear a tuxedo or a gown, but jeans and a t-shirt won’t cut it either. A nice shirt and dress pants or a dress will suffice.

Avoid Overly Casual Attire

Some clothing items that you should avoid wearing to Derby Dinner Playhouse include:

  • Athletic wear: You’re not going to the gym, so don’t wear your leggings or track pants to the theatre.
  • Flip flops and sandals: While these may be comfortable, they aren’t appropriate for a night out at the theatre.
  • Shorts: Even if it’s sweltering outside, don’t wear shorts to Derby Dinner Playhouse. You’ll look out of place.
  • Graphic tees: Save your favorite band tee for another occasion.

Be Comfortable

Although you should dress semi-formally, you shouldn’t sacrifice comfort for fashion. The seating at the theatre is comfortable, but it’s still a few hours sitting in one spot. Wear clothes that allow you to sit and move around with ease.

Dress to Impress

While Derby Dinner Playhouse doesn’t have a strict dress code, it’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed. Plus, dressing up can make you feel like you’re having a special night out, and that can add to the theatre experience.

In conclusion, for those wondering what to wear at the Derby Dinner Playhouse, dressing semi-formally or in business casual attire is recommended. Avoid overly casual outfits, dress comfortably, and always remember to dress to impress if you are unsure what to wear. Now that you know what to wear, you’ll have a great time enjoying the fantastic food and shows offered at the Derby Dinner Playhouse!

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