Chili’s Baked Potato Soup Ingredients: A Delicious and Hearty Recipe

Craving for a warm, comforting bowl of soup? Look no further than Chili’s baked potato soup, its rich and creamy flavors making it a fan favorite. But what exactly goes into this delicious soup, and is it suitable for vegetarians? In this blog post, we’ll dive into the ingredients, answer your burning questions, and even share a copycat recipe so you can enjoy it anytime you want. So settle in and get ready to learn about this classic American dish.

Chili’s Baked Potato Soup Ingredients Subsection

Are you a fan of potato soup, but tired of the same old boring recipe? If so, you’re in luck because today we’re going to be discussing the delicious Chili’s Baked Potato Soup recipe. In this subsection, we’ll cover the key ingredients that make this soup so mouth-watering.


The star of this dish is undoubtedly the potatoes. To make Chili’s Baked Potato Soup, you’ll need about 4 to 5 large russet potatoes. Don’t skimp on the potatoes—the heartiness is what makes this soup so comforting.


What’s potato soup without cheese? For Chili’s Baked Potato Soup, you’ll need 1 cup of shredded cheddar cheese. Some recipes call for processed cheese, but let’s be real, cheddar is the way to go. Make sure to use a high-quality cheese to get the tangy, sharp flavor you’re looking for.


Bacon makes everything better, and Chili’s Baked Potato Soup is no exception. You’ll need 6 slices of crispy bacon for this recipe. Don’t be afraid to go a little heavy on the bacon—trust us, your taste buds will thank you.


To give the soup its creamy texture, you’ll need to use 1/4 cup of all-purpose flour. This ingredient is crucial for thickening the soup and giving it the perfect consistency.

Chicken Broth

Lastly, you’ll need 4 cups of chicken broth to balance out the flavors and add some depth to the soup. You can use store-bought broth, or make your own by simmering chicken bones and vegetables for a few hours.

There you have it— the key ingredients for Chili’s Baked Potato Soup. Make sure to gather all these ingredients before you start cooking and follow the recipe closely for the best results. Happy cooking!

What Goes into Making Chili’s Baked Potato Soup?

chili's baked potato soup ingredients

Baked potato soup is one of the best soups out there, and Chili’s version of it is nothing short of phenomenal. But what exactly goes into making this delicious soup? Let’s dive in and find out!

Potatoes, Potatoes, and More Potatoes

It’s no surprise that the base ingredient for baked potato soup is, well, potatoes! But Chili’s takes it to the next level by using not one, not two, but three different kinds of potatoes. They use russet potatoes for their starchiness, red potatoes for their creaminess, and classic baked potatoes for that smoky flavor we all love.

chili's baked potato soup ingredients

The Secret Blend of Spices

Of course, potatoes alone don’t make a soup. Chili’s adds in a secret blend of herbs and spices that really take this soup to the next level. We don’t know exactly what’s in it, but we can only imagine it includes things like garlic, thyme, and maybe even a pinch of smoked paprika.

Creamy Goodness

No proper baked potato soup would be complete without a healthy dose of cream. Chili’s uses both heavy cream and sour cream to achieve the perfect balance of creaminess and tang. It’s a match made in heaven!

Toppings Galore

Finally, we can’t forget about the toppings. Chili’s baked potato soup comes with a generous helping of shredded cheese, crumbled bacon, and chopped green onions. It’s the perfect finishing touch to this already amazing soup.

Now that you know what goes into making Chili’s baked potato soup, you can try making it yourself at home or simply enjoy it the next time you visit the restaurant. With its perfect blend of potatoes, spices, cream, and toppings, this soup is sure to become a regular in your soup rotation.

Chili’s Baked Potato Soup Copycat Recipe

Are you tired of leaving the comfort of your own home to satisfy your craving for Chili’s baked potato soup? Well, fear not, dear reader, because today we’re bringing Chili’s to you with this easy, mouth-watering copycat recipe.


  • 6 medium-sized potatoes
  • 1/2 cup butter
  • 1/2 cup flour
  • 4 cups milk
  • 1 cup heavy whipping cream
  • 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
  • 1/2 cup chopped green onions
  • 8 strips of bacon, cooked and crumbled
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  1. Preheat your oven to 400°F. Wash the potatoes thoroughly and prick them all over with a fork. Place them on a baking sheet and bake for approximately 1 hour until they’re cooked through.
  2. Remove the potatoes from the oven and let them cool. Peel off the skin and chop them into small pieces.
  3. In a large pot, melt the butter over medium heat. Once melted, gradually mix in the flour to form a roux.
  4. Slowly pour in the milk and heavy whipping cream, constantly stirring until the mixture is smooth.
  5. Add in the chopped potatoes, shredded cheddar cheese, chopped green onions, and crumbled bacon. Mix well.
  6. Allow the soup to simmer for approximately 15-20 minutes until it thickens to your desired consistency.
  7. Add salt and pepper to taste.
  8. Serve your delicious Chili’s baked potato soup hot in a bowl.


  • Adjust the thickness of the soup to your liking by adding more or less milk and heavy whipping cream.
  • For a slightly healthier option, substitute the heavy whipping cream with evaporated milk and the regular cheddar cheese with reduced-fat cheddar cheese.

Now that you have the secret recipe to Chili’s baked potato soup, you can impress your taste buds without having to leave your house. Serve it with some warm bread and prepare to savor the flavor explosion in every bite.

Does Panera Baked Potato Soup Have Meat in it?

When it comes to Panera Baked Potato Soup, many people might be wondering whether it contains meat or not. After all, not everyone is a fan of meat, or they might have dietary restrictions that prevent them from eating it. Fortunately, the answer is simple.


chili's baked potato soup ingredients

If you’re a vegetarian, then you’re in luck! Panera Bread’s Baked Potato Soup does not contain any meat. It’s made with a creamy blend of potatoes, onions, and sour cream, along with other tasty ingredients that create a hearty, nutritious, and vegetarian-friendly soup. So, dig in!


chili's baked potato soup ingredients

Aside from being meat-free, Panera Baked Potato Soup is also gluten-free. If you have celiac disease or a gluten intolerance, you can enjoy this delicious soup without worrying about any adverse reactions. However, it’s always advisable to check with the staff to ensure they do not use any cross-contaminated utensils and confirm the ingredients’ gluten-free status.

Are There Any Meat Alternatives Available?

If you’re a meat lover, you might find Panera’s vegetarian baked potato soup lacking in the meat department. However, you can always add your desired meat or meat alternative to the soup. For instance, you can top it off with bacon bits, shredded chicken, or seasoned beef. Alternatively, you can add meat alternatives like tofu, tempeh, or soy-based meat substitutes.

In conclusion, Panera Bread’s Baked Potato Soup is a vegetarian-friendly and gluten-free soup that does not contain any meat. Though it might lack the meat’s bold flavor, you can always add your desired meat or meat alternative to it. So, go ahead and enjoy this hearty soup without any reservations!

Is Chili’s Loaded Baked Potato Soup Vegetarian?

If you’re a vegetarian, it’s essential to know if your favorite restaurant’s dishes are suitable for your diet. If you’re wondering whether Chili’s Loaded Baked Potato Soup is vegetarian, you’re in the right place.

Understanding Vegetarianism

For the uninitiated, a vegetarian diet excludes meat and fish. Some vegetarians also do not consume animal byproducts, such as dairy and eggs. However, this varies from person to person, depending on their preferences and reasons for following a vegetarian lifestyle.

The Contents of Chili’s Loaded Baked Potato Soup

Chili’s Loaded Baked Potato Soup is a popular soup item on the restaurant’s menu. The soup consists of baked potatoes, bacon bits, green onions, and shredded cheese in a cream-based broth. Although potatoes and vegetables are vegetarian-friendly, the bacon bits might put a dent in your vegetarian diet.

Is Chili’s Loaded Baked Potato Soup Vegetarian?

Unfortunately, Chili’s Loaded Baked Potato Soup is not vegetarian. The soup contains bacon bits, which are made from pork. If you’re looking for vegetarian options on the Chili’s menu, you can opt for their vegetarian black bean soup or vegetable soup instead.

In conclusion, if you’re a vegetarian and looking for a soup option at Chili’s, the Loaded Baked Potato Soup is not for you. However, there are other vegetarian-friendly options available on their menu that you can choose from.

How Many Calories are in a Bowl of Baked Potato Soup from Chili’s?

If you’re concerned about your calorie intake, you should probably brace yourself for the reality check because Chili’s baked potato soup is not the lightest entree on the menu. A bowl of Chili’s baked potato soup can set you back anywhere from 290 to 420 calories, depending on the serving size.

The Classic Bowl of Baked Potato Soup

The classic bowl of Chili’s baked potato soup served with bread has a whopping 420 calories. This hefty serving size could easily be a meal on its own. While it can be tempting to order this delicious entree, it’s important to keep in mind that it is high in calories and should be consumed in moderation.

The Cup of Baked Potato Soup

If you’re watching your calorie intake, consider opting for the cup of Chili’s baked potato soup. A cup of Chili’s baked potato soup has 290 calories, which is a bit more manageable than the classic bowl. Plus, it’s a great side dish to pair with a lighter entree.

Modifications to the Soup

If you’re really trying to cut back on calories, you can make a few modifications to the soup. For example, you could skip the bread that comes with the classic bowl or ask for a smaller serving size. You could also opt for a side salad instead of the bread.

In conclusion, while Chili’s baked potato soup is a fan-favorite, it’s important to be mindful of its calorie count. By making modifications and consuming it in moderation, you can enjoy this delicious entree without sabotaging your diet.

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