Blood Gravy: A Look into the Bloody World of KFC’s Secret Sauce

blood gravy

Fried chicken and gravy go together like peanut butter and jelly, but have you ever heard of blood gravy? Many people are familiar with KFC’s famous gravy, but have you ever been curious about the strange and mysterious ingredient that gives it its unique flavor?

In this blog post, we’ll explore the origins of blood gravy, its ingredients, and what makes it so special. We’ll also answer the burning question: what is blood sauce? So, sit back, grab some chicken and prepare to take a deep dive into the world of KFC’s secret sauce.

blood gravy

The Joy of Blood Gravy: A Guide to Making This Southern Delicacy

Are you tired of the same old gravy with your biscuits and fried chicken? Why not try something new and exciting that will bring a burst of flavour to your meals?

Introducing blood gravy – a traditional southern delicacy that is sure to please your taste buds. Despite its name, blood gravy is not made with actual blood, but instead, derives its name from its deep, rich colour.

What is Blood Gravy, and How is it Made?

Blood gravy is a type of gravy made by cooking down the drippings from cooked meat – usually beef or pork – along with flour, water, and seasonings like salt, pepper, and sage. The resulting sauce is thick, savoury, and has a striking red colour that is distinct from regular gravy.

To make blood gravy, you first need to cook beef or pork in a skillet until well-browned. Once the meat is cooked, remove it from the skillet, leaving behind the drippings. Add flour to the drippings and cook on medium heat, stirring constantly, until the mixture turns brown. Gradually add water while continuing to stir the mixture, until it thickens to your desired consistency. Add salt, pepper and sage for extra flavour.

How to Serve Blood Gravy

Blood gravy can be served with a variety of dishes, including biscuits, rice, and mashed potatoes. It also pairs well with fried chicken and vegetables like green beans or collard greens.

For a true southern style breakfast, serve blood gravy with freshly baked biscuits and a side of crispy bacon. Trust us; this tasty combination is sure to kick-start your day the right way.

Tips for Making Blood Gravy

  • To ensure a deep, rich colour, use a cast-iron skillet when cooking the meat.
  • Always stir the flour into the drippings slowly to prevent clumps from forming.
  • Be careful not to burn the flour, as this will affect the taste and colour of the gravy.
  • If the gravy is too thick, add more water, or milk, or cream.
  • For an extra flavourful blood gravy, add garlic, onion and Worcestershire sauce.

In conclusion, blood gravy is a traditional southern delicacy that is easy to make and incredibly tasty. Perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, this versatile sauce is sure to become a staple in your culinary repertoire. So why not give it a try and add some excitement to your meals?

blood gravy

Bloody Gravy KFC

If you are a big fan of KFC, then you know that nothing beats their delicious fried chicken. But have you ever heard of their not-so-secret menu item, the Bloody Gravy KFC? Yes, you read that right! KFC has a secret menu item that features their famous gravy with an added twist.

What is Bloody Gravy KFC?

The Bloody Gravy KFC is their regular gravy with a hint of hot sauce added in to give it a little kick. This secret menu item has become increasingly popular among KFC regulars who are looking to spice up their fried chicken game. However, it’s not always on the menu, so you have to know about it to order it.

How to Order Bloody Gravy KFC?

You can’t just go up to the counter and ask for a Bloody Gravy KFC. You have to ask for it by name, and if the employee doesn’t know what you’re talking about, don’t panic! Just explain that it’s a secret menu item and describe what it is. The gravy is usually served on the side, so you can pour it over your mashed potatoes or dip your chicken in it.

What Does it Taste Like?

The Bloody Gravy KFC has a slightly spicier taste than their regular gravy, but it’s not overly hot. It’s perfect for those who want a little added kick to their meal without completely burning their taste buds. It pairs well with their famous fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and biscuits.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a KFC regular and are looking to switch up your order, give the Bloody Gravy KFC a try. Don’t be afraid to ask for it at the counter next time you visit, and you might be surprised at how tasty it is. Just remember to enjoy it in moderation, or your taste buds might regret it later.

What is Blood Sauce?

So, you want to know what blood sauce is? Well, hold on to your seats, folks! We’re about to dive into the world of culinary extremism. Blood sauce, also known as “blood gravy,” is a sauce made from animal blood.

blood gravy

How is it made?

To make it, you need a generous amount of blood from an animal, such as a pig, along with some flour, butter, and spices. The blood is mixed with these ingredients until it thickens into a rich, velvety sauce. If you’re a bit squeamish, you might want to look away at this point. Don’t worry; we’ll wait for you to come back.

Where is it used?

Now you might be wondering, “where on earth is this sauce even used?” Well, in some cultures, blood sauce is commonly used in traditional dishes such as black pudding (a type of sausage made from pork blood) and dinuguan (a Filipino stew made using pig’s blood).

Is it healthy?

Blood sauce might seem bizarre, but it’s actually nutritious. It’s high in iron, protein, and other essential vitamins and minerals. So, if you’re looking for a nutrient-dense, umami-packed sauce, blood sauce might just be your new best friend.

Whether you’re an adventurous foodie or someone who cringes at the thought of blood on their plate, there’s no denying that blood sauce is a unique and intriguing addition to the culinary world. Give it a try, and you just might surprise yourself.

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