All Aboard the Minnesota Dinner Train: A Fun and Delicious Way to Explore the State

If you’re looking for a unique way to explore Minnesota while also indulging in a delicious meal, look no further than the Minnesota Dinner Train. This popular attraction allows guests to enjoy a leisurely train ride while savoring a gourmet meal made with locally sourced ingredients. With multiple routes throughout the state, including the popular moonlight dinner train ride, the Minnesota Dinner Train offers something for everyone. But that’s not all – we’ll also delve into other train rides in MN, such as the Thomas the Train ride in Duluth and the status of the Minnesota Zephyr. Let’s hop on board!

Exploring the Minnesota Dinner Train

Riding a train is always a cool experience. But when it comes to having dinner on the train while touring around one of the most scenic places in Minnesota, it can be pretty magical. The Minnesota Dinner Train offers visitors an extraordinary opportunity to explore the land of 10,000 lakes with an unforgettable dining experience. Here’s everything you need to know about the Minnesota Dinner Train.

The Charm of The Train Ride

The Minnesota Dinner Train operates from May through October and provides an authentic dining onboard experience. The train runs along the Minnesota River Valley, which is a beautiful landscape with green trees, a winding river, and spectacular sights that you cannot experience from interstate highways. As you board the train, you’ll be greeted with warm smiles and friendly service that will make you feel at home. The attendants are very knowledgeable and will entertain you with Midwest jokes and stories. As the train chugs along, you’ll feel the rhythm change, and the landscape outside will transform continuously, giving you plenty of reasons to look out of the window.

The Dining Experience

As the train moves through the scenic route, you’ll get a chance to enjoy a gourmet dinner. The tables are elegantly set, and the staff has a keen eye for detail, adding to the whole experience. The menu revolves around seasonal ingredients, fresh vegetables, and locally sourced produce. You can start with appetizers like smoked salmon, shrimp cocktails, or a refreshing salad and move on to succulent meat or vegetable entrées. If you have any dietary requirements, the train chefs can accommodate that as well. As you savor the delightful meal, the train will surprise you with a nightly performance that will make your heart skip a beat.

Different Ride Packages

The Minnesota Dinner Train offers different packages to cater to your needs. If you want to experience the scenery in the daytime, the train offers luxurious tours that run along the Mississippi River. The tours have different themes, like the jazz-themed ride or wine-themed tour. The evening dinner train runs from Thursday through Sunday, with various packages that include wine, beer, or champagne. You can also opt for a romantic dinner for two or book a private car for celebrations with friends and family.

minnesota dinner train

Booking your tickets

The Minnesota Dinner Train is a popular attraction, and bookings fill up fast. It’s recommendable to book your ride online as early as possible to avoid disappointment. During the peak season, the train is always fully booked. The train offers different options to book your tickets, and if you have any queries, the reservation team is available 24/7 to assist you.


The Minnesota Dinner Train is a unique attraction in the land of 10,000 lakes that you must experience at least once in your lifetime. The excellent service, spectacular views, and gob-smacking menus are enough to make it worth the price. It’s an experience that you shouldn’t miss out on when in Minnesota, whether you want to enjoy it with family and friends, or for a romantic evening out, the train promises to deliver an unforgettable experience.

Train Rides in MN

Are you looking for a unique dining experience that is both romantic and relaxing? Look no further than train rides in MN!

What Are Train Rides in MN?

Train rides in MN are a fantastic way to enjoy the scenery of the state while enjoying a delicious meal. You’ll board a beautifully restored train and be transported back in time to the era of elegant rail travel. You’ll enjoy a gourmet meal prepared on board by skilled chefs while taking in the stunning views.

Where Can You Find Train Rides in MN?

There are several companies that offer train rides in MN. One of the most well-known is the Minnesota Dinner Train. They offer a variety of luxurious train rides that feature a delicious meal and breathtaking views. Other options include the North Shore Scenic Railroad and the Osceola and St. Croix Valley Railway.

What Is the Experience Like?

When you board a train for a dinner ride, you’re in for a treat. The train cars are beautifully restored antiques, complete with plush seats and elegant decor. The staff is friendly and attentive, ensuring that you have a memorable experience from start to finish.

As the train begins to chug along, you’ll be treated to stunning views of the countryside. You’ll pass by rolling hills, charming towns, and peaceful forests. It’s a breathtaking way to experience the natural beauty of Minnesota.

What Is the Food Like?

The food served on train rides in MN is nothing short of spectacular. The chefs on board use only the freshest ingredients to prepare delicious gourmet meals. You’ll be served multiple courses, each one expertly crafted and beautifully presented.

But it’s not just the food that’s amazing – it’s the experience of dining on a train that makes it truly special. As you enjoy your meal, you’ll be surrounded by the warm glow of the train car’s interior. It’s a romantic and intimate experience that you won’t soon forget.

Train rides in MN are a unique and unforgettable way to experience the beauty of the state while enjoying a delicious meal. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind dining experience, be sure to book your tickets for a dinner ride today!

Train Ride Duluth, MN

Looking to embark on a scenic railway journey through Minnesota’s beautiful outdoors? Look no further than the train ride in Duluth, MN! This fun-filled adventure takes you on a picturesque journey through stunning vistas, over bridges, and through tunnels. With opportunities to take in stunning views, learn about the region’s history, and enjoy delicious food, there’s no better way to soak up the landscapes and culture of Minnesota than on a train ride in Duluth.

All Aboard the Train

This train ride is a must-do experience for anyone visiting Minnesota. Hop aboard and prepare for a truly memorable journey through some of the state’s most breathtaking natural beauty. With comfortable seats and stunning views passing by your window at every turn, you’ll be entranced by the ride.

Exploring the Landscapes

As you travel through Duluth, Minnesota, you’ll be stunned by the natural beauty that surrounds you. The scenic vistas you’ll see are unlike anything else in the world, from dense forests to sparkling lakes and everything in between. Be sure to take your time to truly appreciate the amazing scenery and snap some incredible photos.

Learn More About the Region’s History

As you travel along the tracks, you’ll also have the chance to learn more about the history of Duluth and the surrounding area. You’ll get to see historic landmarks and get a sense of how the region developed over time. Don’t forget to listen to your tour guide’s fun stories and fascinating local trivia.

Delightful Food and Drinks

Train rides aren’t just about the scenery and history, after all. You’ll also be able to indulge in a delicious meal during your journey. The train features an on-board kitchen where talented chefs whip up delectable delicacies, making your journey all the more memorable. Sip on a refreshing drink and savor the flavors of locally sourced, high-quality ingredients.

Final Thoughts

Those who embark on the train ride in Duluth, MN are sure to have an experience to remember. The stunning natural landscapes, rich history, and sumptuous food make it an unforgettable journey. Get on board, sit back, relax, and immerse yourself in the breathtaking scenery and culture of Minnesota.

Moonlight Dinner Train Ride

Have you ever experienced a dinner date on a train? If not, it’s time to embark on a unique dining journey on the Minnesota Dinner Train. The Moonlight Dinner Train Ride is a must-try experience for a romantic date night or a family dinner.

What to Expect

As the sun sets, the Minnesota Dinner Train transforms into a magical world. The cozy and intimate atmosphere on the train, the rhythmic sound of the locomotive, and the majestic moonlight view from the windows create an enchanting ambiance that will transport you to another era.

The Menu

The Moonlight Dinner Train Ride offers an extensive menu that features a diversity of flavors, including vegetarian, gluten-free, and lactose-free options. The train’s chefs create a seasonally inspired three-course meal that combines local ingredients and classic dishes. The menu includes a starter, an entree, and dessert, all complemented by a selection of house wine and beer.

The Experience

The Moonlight Dinner Train Ride is more than just dining; it’s a complete experience. Throughout the ride, you will enjoy live music, storytelling, and dramatic performances that will amaze you. You will also have a chance to learn about the train’s history and the local area’s culture and landmarks.

minnesota dinner train

Practical Information

The Moonlight Dinner Train Ride departs every Saturday from May to October from the Duluth and Lake Superior Railroad Depot. The train ride lasts approximately three hours, and tickets start at $85.00 per person. Make sure to reserve your spot in advance, as the Moonlight Dinner Train Ride tends to sell out quickly.

Take a break from the traditional dining scene and try the Moonlight Dinner Train Ride. It’s an experience worth having, and you will create memories that will last a lifetime. Enjoy the delicious food, live entertainment, festive ambiance, and unique scenery that the Minnesota Dinner Train offers. What are you waiting for? All aboard!

Thomas the Train Duluth 2023: All Aboard the Fun Train!

Are you a fan of Thomas the Train? Then you don’t want to miss a ride on the Thomas the Train Duluth 2023! This train ride is not only for kids but also for anyone who wants to experience a fun-filled adventure.

minnesota dinner train

What to Expect

The Thomas the Train Duluth 2023 ride will take you through scenic views of Duluth, Minnesota, while onboard a train inspired by the famous cartoon character, Thomas the Train. During the ride, you’ll have a chance to meet Thomas and his friends, including Percy, James, and Gordon!

Tickets and Schedule

The tickets for the Thomas the Train Duluth 2023 ride are available online and can be purchased in advance. The train ride operates multiple times per day, so you can choose a time that is convenient for you. Keep in mind that tickets sell out quickly, so it’s best to book as early as possible.

What to Bring

Make sure to bring your camera, as you’ll want to capture all the fun moments on the Thomas the Train Duluth 2023 ride. Additionally, bring a light jacket or sweater, water, and snacks, especially if you’re bringing kids along.

With its charming atmosphere, picturesque views, and memorable experience, the Thomas the Train Duluth 2023 ride is a must-do activity for anyone visiting Minnesota. So, grab your tickets now and hop on board for an unforgettable adventure with Thomas and his friends!

Romantic Dinner Train Rides Near Me

Looking for something romantic to do with your significant other? Look no further than a dinner train ride! These unique experiences combine the classic charm of a train ride with the elegance of a gourmet meal. Here are some of the best romantic dinner train rides near you:

The Napa Valley Wine Train

If you’re looking to impress your date, the Napa Valley Wine Train is sure to do the trick. This luxurious train takes you on a scenic tour of California’s famous wine country, all while serving up a gourmet multi-course meal. Sip on some of the finest wines in the world and enjoy the stunning views with your special someone.

The Belmond British Pullman

minnesota dinner train

For a touch of old-world glamour, hop aboard the Belmond British Pullman. This train oozes luxury and sophistication with its plush interiors and vintage decor. Take a journey back in time while enjoying a delicious meal in the dining car with your loved one.

The Royal Rajasthan on Wheels

For a more exotic experience, try the Royal Rajasthan on Wheels in India. This train takes you on a journey through Rajasthan, one of India’s most beautiful and colorful states. Enjoy traditional Indian cuisine while taking in the sights of palaces, forts, and ancient temples.

The Orient Express

Last but certainly not least, the Orient Express is the ultimate in romantic train travel. This legendary train has been featured in countless movies and novels, and for good reason. With its vintage carriages and sumptuous meals, it’s no wonder that it’s considered one of the most romantic train rides in the world. Take your loved one on a trip they’ll never forget with a journey on the Orient Express.

No matter where you are in the world, there’s sure to be a romantic dinner train ride near you. So why not add a bit of old-fashioned charm to your next date night? Hop aboard a train and let the romance begin!

Is the Minnesota Zephyr still running?

Are you planning to go on a dinner train in Minnesota, and you’re wondering whether the Minnesota Zephyr is still running? Well, the answer might shock you. The train stopped running in 2008. Yes, you read that right — 2008!

What Happened?

The exact reason for the train’s shutdown is not clear, but it is believed that the rising cost of fuel and repairs might have contributed to it. However, the train’s owner, David Paradeau, claims that the train was losing money and that the shutdown was a business decision.

The Legacy of The Minnesota Zephyr

Although the train stopped running more than a decade ago, it still lives on in the hearts of many who got to experience it. For those who never had the chance to ride it, the Minnesota Zephyr remains a legendary attraction that they should have experienced.

Alternatives to Minnesota Zephyr

Even though the Minnesota Zephyr is no longer in operation, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a dinner train experience in Minnesota. There are still several other dinner train options to choose from, including the St. Croix River Cruises, which offers a relaxing cruise on the St. Croix River while enjoying a delicious meal.

So, the next time you’re planning a dinner train experience in Minnesota, don’t forget to consider other options that are available, as the Minnesota Zephyr is no longer running. While it may be tempting to reminisce about the past, it’s important to move on and explore the present. After all, Minnesota has plenty of other exciting and unique experiences to offer.

That’s all for this subsection. Let’s move on to the next topic, where we’ll discuss the history of dinner trains in Minnesota.

How Long is the Thomas Train Ride in Duluth, MN?

If you’re planning a family outing to Duluth, Minnesota, one of the most exciting activities you can’t afford to miss is taking your little ones on the Thomas Train ride. The ride is designed to appeal to everyone, regardless of their age, and can be an excellent way of spending quality time as a family.

Thomas Train Ride Schedule

The Thomas Train ride in Duluth starts in the morning and goes all the way to late afternoon. The ride, which runs for about 25 minutes, is perfect for families with younger children who may not have the stamina for longer train journeys. The staff on hand ensures that everyone is comfortable, happy, and safe for the duration of the ride.

Fun Activities on the Thomas Train Ride

Do you want to know why the Thomas Train ride is so popular with kids? First of all, it’s not your typical train ride, thanks to the beautiful scenery it passes through. Second, some fun activities make the ride an unforgettable experience. For example, kids get a chance to meet and take a picture with their favorite Thomas characters. And if you’re lucky enough, Sir Topham Hatt, the controller of Thomas & Friends, might make an appearance too.

The Thomas Train Ride is a Must-Do for Kids in Duluth

In summary, the Thomas Train ride in Duluth, MN, is a delightful experience for families with young kids. The ride is no longer than 25 minutes long, and plenty of fun activities make it an unforgettable experience. So, be sure to take your kids on the Thomas Train ride the next time you’re in Duluth!

What Happened to the Spirit of Washington Dinner Train?

Are you wondering, “what happened to the spirit of Washington dinner train”? Well, let me tell you, the answer might make you shed a tear or two.

The Spirit of Washington dinner train was an iconic attraction in the Pacific Northwest. It offered an unforgettable culinary experience where guests would indulge in gourmet meals while riding in a beautifully restored vintage train car. Unfortunately, the Spirit of Washington dinner train no longer exists.

The End of an Era

In 2007, the Spirit of Washington dinner train was purchased by American Heritage Railways and renamed the Western Star Dinner Train. However, the new management did not invest in the train’s restoration, and the charm of the experience slowly began to fade away.

The Final Farewell

In 2010, American Heritage Railways announced the Western Star Dinner Train’s last ride, marking the end of an era for train and food enthusiasts. Many who had enjoyed the Spirit of Washington dinner train were heartbroken by the news and wondered what would become of the beloved attraction.

A Legacy Lives On

While the Spirit of Washington dinner train may no longer be with us, its legacy lives on in the hearts and memories of those who were fortunate enough to experience it. It remains a testament to the magic of train travel, the enchantment of fine dining, and the essence of an era gone by.

In conclusion, the spirit of Washington dinner train may be gone, but its spirit and legacy will forever live on in the hearts and minds of those who experienced it. If you had the chance to ride the Spirit of Washington dinner train, consider yourself fortunate to have experienced a piece of history that will never be forgotten.

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