5 Ingredient Pumpkin Muffins: Simple and Delicious Fall Treats

Pumpkin muffins are a fall staple that always hits the spot. But have you ever wondered what ingredients are necessary to make these delicious treats? Well, look no further because I’ve got a recipe that only requires five simple ingredients.

Despite their simplicity, these 5 ingredient pumpkin muffins pack a punch of flavor and are the perfect addition to any fall breakfast or snack spread. And if you thought that was impressive, I’ve also included a bonus recipe for 4 ingredient pumpkin muffins that are just as mouthwatering.

You might be wondering what goes into making these tasty treats, and I’ve got you covered there too. In this post, I’ll be breaking down what pumpkin muffins are made of and how you can make them quickly and easily in your own kitchen.

But before we dive into the recipe, let’s answer a burning question that many bakers have: can you refrigerate muffin batter? The short answer is yes, you can. In fact, refrigerating muffin batter can result in more evenly risen and moist muffins.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s get started on the main event: the 5 ingredient pumpkin muffin recipe.

4 Ingredient Pumpkin Muffins

If you thought 5 ingredient pumpkin muffins were easy to make, wait till you see the 4 ingredient pumpkin muffins recipe. These muffins are perfect for those who want to save time and effort while still enjoying the delicious flavors of fall. Here is all you need to know about making the perfect 4 ingredient pumpkin muffins.


  • 1 can pure pumpkin puree
  • 1 box of yellow cake mix
  • 2 tsp pumpkin pie spice
  • 1/2 cup of water


  1. Pre-heat your oven to 350°F.
  2. Line your muffin tin with baking cups.
  3. In a large mixing bowl, combine the pumpkin puree, yellow cake mix, and pumpkin pie spice.
  4. Add the water to the mixture and stir well.
  5. Pour the batter into the lined muffin tin, filling each cup halfway.
  6. Bake for 20-25 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean.
  7. Let the muffins cool before serving.

Tips for the Perfect 4 Ingredient Muffins

  • Use a cake mix that doesn’t contain pudding.
  • For a more intense pumpkin flavor, add an extra teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice.
  • Top your muffins with cinnamon sugar or a dollop of whipped cream for an extra treat.
  • The recipe yields approximately 18 muffins, so if you do not need that many, freeze the extras for another day.

These muffins are perfect for breakfast, a snack, or even dessert. They’re easy to make and require minimal clean-up, making them a favorite amongst busy individuals. Give this recipe a try, and you won’t be disappointed!

What’s in a Pumpkin Muffin?

Pumpkin muffins are a staple during the fall season. With a warm and comforting flavor, they are perfect for breakfast or an afternoon snack. But what exactly goes into making these delicious treats? Let’s dive in!

Pumpkin Puree

The most crucial ingredient in the pumpkin muffin recipe is, of course, pumpkin puree. It’s what gives the muffins their signature orange color and distinct pumpkin flavor. You can make your pumpkin puree at home, but canned pumpkin puree is a convenient and time-saving option.


Flour provides the structure and texture to the muffins. All-purpose flour is commonly used, but you can use whole wheat flour or gluten-free flour for a healthier option.


To sweeten the muffins, granulated sugar is added to the recipe. You can also use brown sugar or honey, depending on your preference.

Leavening Agents

Leavening agents such as baking powder and baking soda are added to the recipe to make the muffins rise and become light and airy.


Pumpkin pie spice is the most common spice added to pumpkin muffins, giving them a warm and spicy flavor. You can also use cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, or allspice to give them a unique taste.

In conclusion, pumpkin muffins are made up of pumpkin puree, flour, sugar, leavening agents, and spices. With only five main ingredients, they are easy to prepare and are a crowd-pleaser. Experiment with different spices and flours to make them your own. Now that you know what’s in a pumpkin muffin, it’s time to get baking!

Can You Refrigerate Muffin Batter?

If you’re planning on baking 5 ingredient pumpkin muffins, you might wonder whether you can refrigerate the muffin batter and bake it later. Here’s everything you need to know:

Refrigerating Muffin Batter

Refrigerating muffin batter won’t harm the finished product, but it can cause a few changes in the texture and flavor.

When you refrigerate muffin batter, the flour absorbs more liquid, resulting in a denser texture. The muffins may also have less rise due to the chilled batter’s lower air content.

How Long Can You Refrigerate Muffin Batter?

You can refrigerate muffin batter for up to 24 hours. Beyond this time, the batter may develop a sour or bitter taste, and the texture may become too dense.

Freezing Muffin Batter

If you want to preserve muffin batter for an extended period, you can freeze it. To do so, portion the batter into muffin cups and freeze until solid. Once frozen, store the muffin batter in an airtight container or freezer bag for up to two months.

When it’s time to bake the muffins, remove the batter from the freezer and let it thaw in the fridge overnight before baking as usual.

Tips for Successfully Refrigerating Muffin Batter

To ensure your pumpkin muffins turn out great, here are a few tips to follow when refrigerating muffin batter:

  • Mix the ingredients thoroughly before chilling to prevent lumps from forming.
  • Cover the bowl with plastic wrap or another airtight cover to prevent moisture loss and odor absorption.
  • Gently stir the batter after removing it from the fridge to incorporate any settled ingredients.
  • Allow the chilled batter to come to room temperature for 20-30 minutes before baking to ensure even baking.
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