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California SB 19

The Pupil Nutrition, Health, and Achievement Act of 2001

Author: Senator Martha Escutia
Sponsor: California Center for Public Health Advocacy

Summary of Provisions

  1. Sets nutritional standards for foods sold in elementary schools:
    • Any snacks sold outside the federal meal program must
      • Have no more than 35% of its calories from fat
      • Have no more than 10% of its calories from saturated fat
      • Be no more than 35% sugar by weight
    • The only beverages that may be sold to students are milk, water or juice that is at least 50% fruit juice with no added sweeteners.
  2. In middle schools carbonated beverages may be sold only after the end of the last lunch period.
  3. High schools and middle schools may elect to take part in a pilot program that implements the nutritional standards for all foods and beverages sold outside the federal meal program.
    • Pilots schools are eligible for increased reimbursement and planning grant.
  4. Increases the reimbursement rate for free- and reduced-price meals in elementary and middle schools by 10 cents from the current 13 cents to 23 cents. Meals purchased at full price by children will be reimbursable at a rate of 10 cents per meal.
  5. Districts with elementary schools, middle schools or high schools participating in the pilot program may apply for planning grants to be used for developing other policies related to nutrition and physical activity.
    • Funds may be used for costs associated with developing and adopting these policies, including paid release time for teachers and school employees, publication costs, costs associated with holding a public hearing, etc.


  • Year 1: $5.5 million (grants and technical support)
  • Year 2: $5.5 million (grants and technical support)
  • Year 3: $30 million (one-half year of increased reimbursement rates)
  • Year 4 and ongoing: $60 million for increased reimbursement rates.


Senate Health (7-1)
Senate Education (10-2)
Senate Appropriations (7-4)
Senate Floor (22-15)

Senate Concurrence (25-13)

Assembly Health (8-5)
Assembly Health (9-2)
Assembly Education (11-0)
Assembly Appropriations (11-6)
Assembly Floor (44-25)

Governor's Signature: October 14, 2001



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