Students Demand Healthy School Food

The following resolution draft was presented to the LAUSD School Board on July 8, 2003. I addressed the concerns, and successes, of current school food policy. The students then provided data to support each tenant of the draft. Following the presentation, LAUSD School Board Member Marlene Canter agreed to author a Healthy Food Resolution, to be introduced to the school board on July 22, 2003. The motion will be up for vote in October. The Students for Public Health Advocacy Club presentation can be viewed by contacting KCLS (Los Angeles). Our presentation begins about an hour into the board meeting. To obtain copies of the tape, please contact The official draft is now available.

LAUSD Obesity Prevention Resolution Recommendations

Proposed By: Venice High School's Students for Public Health Advocacy Club &
Jacqueline Domac, Health Educator and Club Sponsor

  1. The following standards are the minimum nutrition requirements for cafeteria meals (daily), a la carte items, snack foods, and edible fundraisers (per serving):
  2. A salad and fruit bar must be offered at each school site.
  3. Chopped raw fruits and vegetables must be offered wherever a la carte items are sold.
  4. A la carte items must not be offered within 100 meters of the cafeteria eating area.
  5. All school meal offerings must include at least one plant based (vegetarian) option in addition to a salad/fruit bar.
  6. Soy milk, or rice milk, must be an available option for students wherever dairy milk is sold.
  7. Meat and dairy items may not be irradiated.
  8. Culturally diverse cuisine must be offered on a regular basis.
  9. Establish a sodium limit on all food offerings.
  10. Establish a cholesterol limit on all food offerings.
  11. Fast food/junk food may not be offered as an incentive item or reward for good grades or attendance.
  12. Establish a transitional plan to implement the sale of locally grown, non-genetically modified, California State Certified Organic Produce in all school cafeterias.
  13. Each school site must offer a monthly parent education night focusing on nutrition.
  14. LAUSD schools may not participate in Mc Donald's Mc Teacher's Night fundraisers or similar junk food promotions.

Draft prepared: 3/14/03
Draft presented to School Board Member, Marlene Canter: 5/30/03
Draft submitted to LAUSD School Board for authorship: 7/8/03